I made the porcada* bots sometime in 2014, they have varying lifetimes depending on their function, some seeming to have no end while others are limited by the inventory of variables that feed them. Some of them are grouped thematically or even share procedures. @porcadapalabra, tweets every word in the Spanish dictionary.

@porcadapalabra doesn't stop there, though. It has a gang of bots linked to its tweets. When @porcadapalabra tweets, a series of bots responds in a chain reaction. For example, @porcadadiagrama generates circular diagrams using the letters of the words from @porcadapalabra. The angles of each letter in the diagram are then converted into sound updates in @porcadasonido. Additionally, @porcadapalabra stimulates an algorithm that searches Google Images, with the first result posted on @porcadaimagen. Finally, @porcadalugar posts an image of a location from Google Street View. The results generated by this family of bots disrupt the usual search tools and create unexpected combinations.

The bots tasks began in 2014 (or later) and ended in 2019.

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